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How It’s Done (2006)


Piotr Tymochowicz Public Relations advisor has decided to prove that anybody can be molded into a politician.


  • script : Marcel Łoziński
  • director : Marcel Łoziński
  • fotographer : Jacek PetryckiAndrzej Adamczak
  • montage : Katarzyna Maciejko-Kowalczyk
  • sound setting : Iwo Klimek
  • sound : Jacek StępińskiMaria ChilareckaJerzy MurawskiJarosław RoszykKrzysztof Jastrząb
  • music : Małgorzata Jaworska
  • production manager : Agnieszka Bąk
  • producer : Zbigniew Domagalski

time : 90 min.
year : 2006



Filmography - new


Beginning of 1945, Upper Silesia, Poland. The last days of WW2. At the just liberated areas, the Communist Security Service eliminates its enemies under the pretext of punishing “national traitors.” It organizes a labour camp for Germans, Silesians and Poles, at the site of a former Nazi concentration camp, which is named “Zgoda” / “Reconciliation”. Franek, who is in love with a Polish prisoner Anna, joins the camp crew to rescue her. He doesn't know that one of the inmates is Erwin, his German friend, who, like himself, has also loved Anna for a long time. Franek joins Communists in the illusory hope of outsmarting the system.

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