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Development of a project: Diary Of Red Army Officer


A feature film based upon a novel by Sergiusz Piasecki. A tragicomedy from the time of The World War II.


Written by: Kinga Dębska and Kamil Chomiuk and Wiktor Piątkowski

A fragment of the script:

“September 17th, 1939. Night.

I, Misza Zubow, an officer of The Invincible Red Army, am going with my unit to capture a Polish town, Wilno. Suddenly we hear some suspicious sounds from the near bushes. We shout: “Hands up, you fascist pawns!”. Series of bullets from PMs shred the bushes. In the morning we crawl to see who has attacked us. There is a cow in the bushes, full of holes like a strainer. We reported to the Commander that the enemy was annihilated”.

The script is now developed.



In Progress - new

Development of a project: Cooper – King Of Life

A story of Merian C. Cooper (1893 - 1973), an American aviator, soldier, film director and producer.

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