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Development of a script: Looking For A Husband


“Looking for a husband” is a comedy about women, made by women. It is a story describing the problems of contemporary women in the age of 30.


The movie deals with an important social problem: loneliness, but it doesn’t treat the subject in a serious and profound way.

The main character, Alice, is one of those ambitious young women who went too far in their social and professional life; they wrongly placed their feelings and eventually they were left all alone. When Alice at last makes her mind to set a family, it is probably too late.

The script is in the course of development.

The movie is directed by Kinga Dębska



In Progress - new

Development of a project: Cooper – King Of Life

A story of Merian C. Cooper (1893 - 1973), an American aviator, soldier, film director and producer.

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