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Preparation of a project: Only The Truth


From the most ancient times people have wanted to distinguish truth from lies. They have tried various methods, instruments and systems to discover what is, and what is not true.


The concept by, and written by: Yves Goulais.

Our film is a detective-investigating documentary about a device called LIE DETECTOR. Is it a reliable and effective instrument? The last scene in the film is a spectacular duel: a super-modern instrument against a man who knows how to lie.

We are going to present some other new devices that can detect lies. One of them, a magnetic resonance, arises fears that in a near future one will be able to read human thoughts. The film will ask a question about ethical aspects of using such instruments. Could those modern devices make us more secure? Or – on the contrary – are they a menace to our freedom? Does the contemporary human being has a chance for intimacy and privacy? What do those instruments tell us about ourselves, about humanity?

We are completing the budget for the film now. We want it to be an international co-production.

Pandora Film, a production company from Cologne, Germany, and a well-known director, Stanisław Mucha have already declared to participate in the project.



In Progress - new

Development of a project: Cooper – King Of Life

A story of Merian C. Cooper (1893 - 1973), an American aviator, soldier, film director and producer.

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