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Studio Filmowe Kalejdoskop


Studio Filmowe Kalejdoskop is a well-known company, and a producer of documentary and feature films honored with many awards. For 27 years, the Studio produced over 200 hundred projects and won over 100 awards. A great event for the Studio was The Academy Award (“Oscar”) Nomination in the category of short films for “89 mm From Europe” by Marcel Łoziński in 1995. Although Oscar statuette went to someone else, the Nomination caused that Studio Filmowe Kalejedoskop made its name among filmmakers all over the world.

Owners of the Studio and members of the board of directors are four experienced producers: Mr. Zbigniew Domagalski, Mr. Janusz Skałkowski, Mr. Wojciech Szczudło, Mr. Piotr Śliwiński. Their abilities, skills and passion have caused that the Company, established in 1988, is still successful at the Polish film and TV market, and it is going to develop in the nearest future by new investments in feature film and TV projects.

Taking new challenges, we are first of all guided by professionalism and creative ambitions of filmmakers; we promote young and gifted artists.

The Studio works for the biggest TV broadcasting stations: Polish Television Co. (the national broadcasting) and TVN (a private broadcasting), with a considerable support of The Polish Film Institute.

The Company has recently produced some international projects: “Hope”, a feature film directed by Stanisław Mucha, a co-production with Pandora Film (Germany); “Hel”, a feature film directed by Kinga Dębska, a co-production with In Film Praha (Czech Republic); “Komeda – a Soundtrack of Life”, a documentary about the world-famous Polish composer and musician Krzysztof Komeda, directed by Claudia Buthenhoff-Dufy, a co-production with Benedikt Pictures Gmbh & Co. (Germany).

Studio Filmowe Kalejdoskop is a member of the International Documentary Association (IDA) in Los Angeles.

Studio produced feature films:  “Hope” directed by Stanisaław Mucha, “The rebound” directed by Kinga Dębska,

“Maiden’s Vow” directed by Filip Bajon, “Killing Love” directed by Jakub Nieścierow and recently

“These Daughters Mine” directed by Kinga Dębska.




TOYS (2011)

Toys takes a look at the circumstances which shaped the imaginations of today's generation of Polish artists and designers.

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Maiden Vows (premiere in 08.10.2010)

Photos from Filip Bajon's movie, based on classic drama by Aleksander Fredro

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